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What is a CCO?

A CCO or Covid-19 Compliance Officer is a new position for the entertainment industry. This person is charged with taking the temperatures and assuring that accepted COVID-19 safety protocols are adhered to during the pre-production and production phases. They make sure every person entering a film, television, or print photography set is healthy for work that day. The CCO works closely with testing providers to mitigate infection rates for production.

A CCO is required to ensure the health of everyone in a film, television, or print production.


Rates start at $675/12 Per Day

Location Scout / Prep Day: $525 Up to 4 Hours

  • Part of the Location Scout Team to Assure the Best Placement of Crew and Covid-19 Check-In

  • Temperature Checks at Check-In in the Morning and After Lunch

  • Supervising Safety Protocols During Production

  • Health Surveys From Every Individual Affirming Health Before Stepping Onto Your Set

  • Spreadsheet of Temperatures for Every Individual That Worked Your Shoot for Production Records

  • Mileage extra if beyond LA standard production zone.

Basic Kit Fee: $125 Per Day / Week

  • No Contact Digital Thermometer

  • Tape Measure

  • Blue Tape for Marking Off Areas and 6’ Placement

  • 6’ Folding Table

  • 2 Folding Chairs

  • 10’x10’ Canopy Pop-Up

  • PPE Goggles (1 for me)

  • N95 (1 Per Day For CCO)

  • Signage

Expendables Kit Fee: Rate Varies Depending on Amount of PPE Needed for Your Shoot. Production Has the Option of Providing Their Own PPE and It Should Meet Certain Standards. Please Reach Out for Specifics.

  • 3-Ply Masks for Client, Crew, Talent (fresh mask offered after lunch)

  • Disinfecting Wipes   

  • Hand Sanitizer Personal Size for Each Member of the Production

  • Large Hand Sanitizer Bottle For Check-In Table

  • Wrist Bands (Different Color for Each Day; This Helps to Identify Who Has Been Cleared to Work

  • Lysol

  • Nitrile Gloves L & XL (Nitrile is Better Than Latex With Regard to Allergies) 

  • Paper Towels

  • Face Shields for Talent or MUA, Costumes

Location Sanitizing: $975/12

This includes a sanitizing pass at Pre-Call, high-touch points throughout the shoot day, and a pass after wrap. We use an electrostatic spray gun that positively charges the disinfecting agent to adhere to any surface it is sprayed on.

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